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4. Metadata standards -- a selected list

  • This section only covers metadata standards for data structures (refer to {1} in the illustration on the right). Information about standards for data contents {2} and data values {3} can be found in Section 6 Metadata value space.
  • In the metadata community, the word schema means the semantic and structural definitions of metadata elements, including the relationships between those elements, being represented in standardized syntax or “serialization” format.
    • Metadata schemas are also called element sets, property vocabularies).
    • They generally specify names of elements and their semantics.
    • Optionally, they may specify:
      • rules for how content must be formulated (for example, how to identify the main title),
      • representation rules for content (for example, capitalization rules), and
      • allowable content values (for example, terms must be used from a specified controlled vocabulary).
  • Many metadata schemas are being developed in a variety of user environments and disciplines.
    • Some of the most common ones are listed on this page.
    • An expanded list of schemes and element sets is provided in another site.

Metadata standards for data structures

4.1 Information Resource Description

4.2 Cultural Objects and Visual Resources

4.3 Educational-purpose

4.4 Archives and Preservation

4.5 E-Commerce, rights

4.6 Agents

4.7 Science Data

4.8 Media-Specific

4.9 More

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