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2. Metadata Descriptions

2.2 Metadata records displayed from databases

Note: Bibliographic databases, digital collections, and digital repositories store metadata records in databases and display the records with a more user-friendly interface. The following examples show how a record could be presented to users and how it is actually encoded or stored in a database.

2.3 Sample records provided by metadata standards or guidelines

Note: Metadata standards usually provide the best practice guides in their specifications. The examples provided focus on the contents rather than the formats. It ensures that metadata elements, structure, and value spaces specified by a standard are correctly understood and controlled when applied to real situations. It is not their intention to provide format guidelines as to how a record should be encoded or displayed.

2.4 Metadata descriptions embedded in a webpage's main <body> section

2.5 Use a template to create a metadata record and view various output formats

To practice on creating a machine-readable metadata description, check Section 5.

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