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Workshop: Metadata for Digital Collections

METRO, 2014-05-14 and 2014-05-15

Day 2
Advanced Metadata (Designing for Metadata Projects)

5. Working with metadata for your digital collection

5.1 Metadata Decisions for Your Digital Collection (ppt)

5.2 Application Profiles (ppt)

5.2 (Hands-on) Developing a Metadata Element Set and/or an Application Profile for a postcard collection

(Use the template (WORD doc, also will be distributed in class))

In-class practice 3.(Group):

Part 1. Knowing your collection.

Group preparation: Form the group, start examining the resources to be described. Draft the desired elements.
(template p.1)

Part 2. Developing the Element Set/Application Profile for the collection

Step 1. Communicate about the functional requirements p.90 (template p.1)

Step 2. Design a domain model

Step 3. Identify desired metadata elements for the collection (lecture notes ppt) p.93

Step 4. Value Space Decisions (lecture notes ppt) p.103
Using authority files for names, titles, and subjects

Step 5. Find existing elements and re-use them in an Application Profile p.101

Step 6. Mapping and Crosswalking p.119

Mapping between different formats (lecture notes ppt) (template p. 6)

Step 7. [info] Specification / Documentation (lecture notes ppt) p.93

Step 8. [info] Prepare guidelines for use (template p. 8)

Step 9. [info] Creating a metadata schema using XML (links) p.131

6. Implementation

Exercise 5: Defining Properties using ContentDM software:

  1. Set up your WorldCat account (Instruction) or Go to:
  2. Practice with Content DM (Instruction (WORD)). Host site:

7. Related Issues

7.1 Where to find a property that was already defined by a standard?

7.2 What is in an aggregated metadata repository?

7.3 Quality enhancement in metadata repositories (lecture notes ppt) p.247

7.4 [If time allows] Linked Data and LAMs (ppt)

7.5 Summary and Conclusion (ppt)

For more information:

*Metadata. Marcia L. Zeng and Jian Qin. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2008. ISBN: 9781555706357 / 9781856046558
2nd Edition to be published in 2014. ALA Neal-Schuman, ISBN: 1555709656 / 978-1555709655

book website:

.Metadata Basics Tutorial.

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