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Workshop: Metadata for Digital Collections

METRO, 2014-05-14 and 2014-05-15

Day 1
Metadata Basics

Note: Page numbers refer to the pages in the Metadata textbook*

1. Introduction

1.1 Why metadata? (ppt) (pp.1-5)

1.2 Metadata types and functions (ppt) (6-7)

2. Metadata Descriptions

2. Metadata Descriptions (lecture notes ppt) p.171-193

[Info]: References for finding the real examples

2.1 Metadata descriptions embedded in a digital object

2.2 Metadata records from databases

Note: Bibliographic databases, digital collections, and digital repositories store metadata records in databases and display the records with a more user-friendly interface. The following examples show how a record could be presented to users and how it is actually encoded or stored in a database.

a) Library bibliographic catalogs

b) Digital collections

3) Digital repositories/aggregators

Note: when a repository harvests metadata from different digital collections, it converts all incoming data into the same standard structure.

3. Understanding Metadata Standards

3.1 Types of Standards - Overview (ppt) P.15

3.2 Metadata Vocabularies (element set, schema) -- Structures and Components

(Reference: link to examples; Check under "Element Set-Structure" and "-Representation" sections)

3.2.1 Flat structure example

3.2.2 Hierarchical structure example

Discussion: VRA Core 4.0 components: elements, attributes, attribute values

Additional reference: (Self-study after the workshop) Learn how you can use Oxygen software for creating VRA Core records (instruction ppt)

3.2.3 [Info] Different Syntaxes of the same element set: Using MARC family as an example


3.2.4 Ontology-based schemas

4. Value vocabularies (Using Cultural and Heritage Areas as an example)

4.1 [info] Name Authority Files:

4.2 [info] Controlled vocabularies for art, architecture, photographs

4.3 [info] International name authority (general coverage)

For more information:

*Metadata. Marcia L. Zeng and Jian Qin. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2008.ISBN: 9781555706357 / 9781856046558
2nd Edition to be published in 2014. ALA Neal-Schuman, ISBN: 1555709656 / 978-1555709655

book website:

.Metadata Basics Tutorial.

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