Cultural Heritage Informatics

Course Description

(2013- )

Instructor: Marcia Lei Zeng, Ph.D., Professor

Course Description:

Cultural heritage informatics brings a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to supporting the entire lifecycle of cultural information and documentation procedures for the benefit of the preservation, study, and promotion of cultural heritage.  This course is designed to respond to the new initiatives in digital humanities that have demonstrated a paradigm shift in how cultural heritage materials can be searched, mined, displayed, taught, and analyzed utilizing digital technologies. The course covers approaches of creating descriptions, organizing, and presenting the cultural heritage resources including not only the tangible movable objects and monuments but also intangible cultural products of humankind viewed within the framework of time, such as events.  (Preservation, conservation, and digital imaging are covered by other courses.) The course aims to prepare students for careers focusing on or transcending libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions by introducing them the methodologies and technologies commonly used in cultural heritage informatics.