SPARQL Query Creator [Beta]

This tool is built for generating SPARQL queries in order to obtain data from DBpedia. The tool aims to help users who are not familiar with SPARQL but want to aggregate data for research and re-use purposes.

The following template will allow you to generate a query related to the 'influencedBy' and 'influenced' properties defined by DBpedia. The categories available in the template are classes defined by DBpedia Ontology. Data sources are what DBpedia have covered (i.e., what Wikipedia has the entries for them).

For example, we can try to find (1) all artists who were born in Spain; (2) Among the artists who influenced whom or who was influenced by whom. This can be further limited by particular artists, for example, (3) those who were influenced by Pablo_Picasso, or (4) by Pablo_Picasso and Henri_Matisse.

You may follow the generated query text to create your own query/queries by placing other categories, properties, and different filters defined by BDpedia.

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(Note: Consult for other Classes.)

Filter by Birth Place  
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Use filter: Influenced By    |  Influenced    |    Do not use influence filter 

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Output data will contain :

* = required

© Designed and coded by Marcia Lei Zeng , Kent State University, 2013-03-01.